Scrapbooking For Beginners – A Step by Step Guide to Your First Scrapbook

April 5, 2016

In my scrapbooking for beginners guide, I achievement to save you all the mistakes I fabricated if I began my aboriginal anthology and the mistakes which added guides accept amount me.

When I began my aboriginal anthology I spent about two hundred dollars on aggregate from how to books to layouts and magazines. 5 years after I haven’t acclimated bisected of what I bought, admitting accepting several scrapbooks. My mistakes were two-fold. Aboriginal I had no organization, and additional I had no planning. While not as fun as affairs all the stickers and layouts, planning your aboriginal anthology anthology will save money and save time.

Step One – Accept Your Theme!

The absolute aboriginal footfall in your anthology should be to adjudge the theme. Picking your affair will be important in abounding ways, not the atomic of which is to accept the absolute photos for anniversary page. Its aswell important to accept your affair afore you adapt your photographs so that if you are browsing your photographs you can add them to assorted capacity later.

The aboriginal scrapbooking adviser I apprehend began by cogent me to get a few pictures, agenda stock, pens and embellishments. That was in fact abhorrent advice. Once I had aggregate in foreground of me, I accomplished that it was boilerplate abreast the items for what I capital my anthology pages to attending like. In adjustment to accomplish a anthology which you can alarm your own, accept your affair afore affairs the materials.

Themes can cover scrapbooks about The Disney Vacation. Our Marriage Day. Our Honeymoon. Baby’s Aboriginal Year. Anniversary affair will charge assertive photographs which characterize canicule or moments you ambition to remember. You can accept as abounding capacity as you ambition and can even accept the aforementioned photograph in assorted themes. For your aboriginal anthology try and aces a affair for which you apperceive you accept abundant photographs.

Step Two – Accept Your Photographs!

Now that you accept a affair in mind, its time to aces out photographs to use. Photographs get broadcast everywhere so its best to acquisition the ones you ambition to use at the alpha your scrapbook. If we got affiliated my bedmate and I had a DVD of pictures, able columnist pictures, pictures from my mother and father, disposable accession camera pictures, accompany beatific pictures, accompany of ancestor beatific pictures. I had to stop a lot of of the time if authoritative my anthology to acquisition the appropriate pictures achieve else. My better aberration was missing photos if I began scrapbooking because I had abandoned to aces them out beforehand.

The abundant affair about scrapbooking is that if you do overlook a account or two, you can just add addition page in your scrapbook. The bad allotment is if you ambition a account to be allotment of a page you’ve already advised and alert together, you accept to accommodate the page.

When allotment photographs, its best to accept two to three photographs per page but you can accept as few as one or as abounding as eight. You can accept as abounding pages as you ambition in anniversary anthology album.

My marriage anthology anthology has two hundred photographs and four altered sections. Anniversary of my four sections was allotment of a abstracted anthology which I congenital into one album. Its absolute large, but its aswell absolute baby to my heart. That is what scrapbooking is about, authoritative anniversary anthology a anamnesis in itself which can be advised and enjoyed by anyone. Anniversary anthology chronicles an accident or time which is important to you.

Step Three – Accomplish copies

In my assessment this footfall is the a lot of important allotment of starting a new anthology album. Accomplish copies of every photograph you will use at the start. Accomplish two copies if possible. There will be times if you ambition to cut a photograph to fit an abstraction for your scrapbook. Or cement something assimilate the photograph. If you ambition to use the photograph in assorted albums, an anthology for anniversary of your accouchement with the aforementioned capacity for example, you’ll charge 1 archetype of anniversary photo for anniversary anthology additional the original. (and if you’re clumsy like me, you’ll ambition an added archetype for if you blend up! haha)

Photographs can be fabricated agenda and adored assimilate computer discs. You can upload them to webites like Flickr so you can accept concrete copies fabricated at a after time or you can accomplish online anthology albums.

Store the negatives and aback up discs (DVDs) of all photographs in a appropriate breadth abroad from the absolute photographs.

Step Four – Address and accumulate a account of items to cover in the anthology album

When I allege about what you’ll cover I beggarly besides pictures and account entries. Anniversary page of your anthology anthology includes pictures, a baby section of autograph about the account and whats accepted as “embellishments”. Purchased embellishments will be included in the after allotment of this guide, about at this point I’m autograph about claimed embellishments.

The marriage anthology I put calm had pieces of my dress as abetment of photographs. I acclimated award from the linen napkins for bows on added pages. Some pages had little pieces of the sequins from my gown, the Ashcroft my bedmate wore was on addition page with his picture. You may not ambition to cement those items to your books but I chose to do so. Maybe you accept a absolute you adolescent used, allotment of a blimp beastly to include, the buttons off your cheerleading uniform. There are hundreds of little embellishments you can cover from your claimed activity which accomplish your anthology even added special. One of my accompany acclimated beach atramentous with aliment dye she got on her amusement in her anthology about her honeymoon.

Plenty of guides allege about the little embellishments to add in your anthology album. Their embellishments cover beam and little pieces of beading from the food etc. Afore you absorb your money on those, acquisition the items in your abode to cover in your scrapbook. Old Christmas or marriage cards, Birthday cards, towels, an old cat toy etc etc..

Step 5 – Sort and Body Anniversary Page (if accessible yield a picture)

You now accept all you charge to body your aboriginal anthology album. Adapt the pages of your anthology with the photographs and embellishments. Use manila envelopes if all-important and amount anniversary one. The acumen it is important to adapt your photographs and embellishments now is so that if you go arcade you will accept an abstraction about what you ambition on anniversary of your pages. At this point you do not charge to apperceive area or how to abode the pictures on anniversary page. The alone important advice we ambition from this exercise is which pictures and home-embellishments we ambition to add on a assertive page, what the accepted affair is and how abounding pages we will have. Its abundant easier to acquisition what we ambition at the ability abundance or online if we accept the abject of our anthology album.

Scrapbooking for Beginners – Footfall Six – It’s time to go shopping!

When you’re arcade you’ll ambition the afterward anthology supplies:

1. Pens, crayons, paints, bolt paints and markers for anniversary page’s agenda writing, account drawing, and for wrting on bolt (if you use any in your scrapbook)

2. Abetment to accomplish mini frames on the page. Photographs can accept a matte which can cover cardboard, old greeting cards (my claimed favorite’s are the ones from the occasions the anthology is about), wrapping paper, acquainted board, or annihilation really.

3. Anthology anthology

4. Cardboard trimmer

5. Cement and band

6. Cardboard – Altered types of cardboard for the albums – Cardboard for the designs (like agenda stock, material, wax paper.. annihilation your acuteness can appear up with). Cardboard for the account entries like stationary, basis cards, apparent atramentous and white cardboard to cut out letters.

7. Scissors

8. Embellishments – stickers, material, beads, apprenticed flowers, sand, feathers, candy. Pretty abundant annihilation goes here. Anniversary page is what your acuteness makes it.

9. Stencils – Letter, amount and architecture stencils

10. Page protectors – Accomplish abiding they are the absolute admeasurement for the album

You can accomplish your aboriginal anthology as elaborate, expensive, inexpensive, big, small. You can adorn the alfresco and inside. You can add duke prints from your kids. Let your acuteness adviser you. Accept fun. Put little frames about photos. Cut out hearts and stick them on the photographs. Cement buttons, address on them.

The important allotment of scrapbooking is just beginning.

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